3-Ply Face Mask by Grandus disposable (50/count)


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3-ply disposable mask with earloops.  Made by Grandus. 

These high-quality disposable mask are designed with a proprietary 3 layers non-woven filters for the best protection against germs. The first layer is a Spunbonded Non-Woven filter which serve  to filter out large particles and germs, the second layer is a melt-blown, non-woven filter which can filter out tiny dust particles and germs.  The third layer uses an additional spunbound, non-woven and skin-friendly filter as the final protective barrier.

Every piece is made according to stringent manufacturing standards and subject to a thorough quality check. These masks are certified by US FDA and European Commission.  Each box of Grandus 3-ply mask come with a temper resistant inner carton with 50 pieces are packed in a high grade LDPE bag.

One size. 1-box 50/count

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