Dutrion Tablet - EPA-registered Disinfectant BULK PACK


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Dutrion Tablet® is an EPA-registered disinfectant.  Dutrion products are a concentrated, single composite Chlorine Dioxide tablet, once added to a specific volume of water, reacts quickly and safe into a long-lasting active chlorine dioxide disinfecting solution.
1g tablets can be made in as little as 16z of water
4g tables can be made in as little as 1gallon of water
  • Effective Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant solution made by dropping into water.
  • pH-Neutral formulation. Safe compared to other oxidizing- acid/alkaline products
  • Simple mixing instruction for professional and non-professional end users.
  • Dissolves quickly in hot and cold water.
  • Chlorine Dioxide Tablets are effervescent tablets in water.
  • Certified according to NSF.60/ANSI guidelines
  • Registered and available in many countries.
  • Chlorine Dioxide solution (when mixed) has a long shelf life of 60 days.
  • Unopened Tablets have a 2-year shelf life.

Available sizes:

  • 120ct/1-gram tablets (foil pouch) - 1 tablet makes 16oz @ 200ppm
  • 60ct/4-gram tablets (foil pouch) - 1 tablet makes 1-gallon @ 200ppm